Grid Shuffle


How to select a different image?
The image can be changed using the buttons on both sides of the central image. The images will then cycle through all of them.

How can I choose the size of the puzzle?

Under the main image on the main menu, there are three buttons. Each one for the sizes 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5. After choosing the size, you should choose the difficulty.

How can I choose the difficulty?

After choosing the size, you will see the buttons for the difficulty. There are three options: easy, normal and hard. After choosing one, the puzzle will start.

What is the difference between the difficulties?

Each difficulty will provide more or less visual clues on each puzzle tile. Easy will have numbers printed on top of them and you have to place them in order from top left to bottom right. Normal difficulty will only have a border printed on the tiles the go around the entire board, helping you identify those, but not the internal ones. Hard will not have any visual clues.

Is there any other help or clues?

Yes. At the bottom of the game screen there is a button called “Show Image”. Once you press and hold it, it will show the image and as soon as you release it it will then go back to the puzzle.

Do I get any penalties for using the “Show Image”?


What happens when I receive a call whilst playing the game?

The game will be paused and you will be able to return exactly where it was before.

What do I need to do to see the fireworks?

They will only appear after you have completed a puzzle faster then your previous time. It will not show when there is no time recorded, i.e. when you play for the first time.

How can I get the trophy for an image?

You need to complete all 9 options for each image (3×3 on easy, normal and hard, 4×4 on easy, normal and hard and 5×5 on easy, normal and hard)

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